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1 Thing You MUST Remember When Growing Your Team

So – you tell me if this sounds even REMOTELY familiar: you get involved with a new business from home. You are EXCITED and you are told that this opportunity can fit ANYBODY’S life. You genuinely believe that EVERYBODY is your prospect. Now – depending on the business that you’re in, you go about growing your team a couple of different ways. MOST people in network marketing begin manually sending messages to everybody on their contact list, routinely adding MORE…

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Creating a MASSIVE Business From Home in Minimal Time

Statistics for you: 90% of the franchises purchased (think Subway, McDonald’s, etc) succeed, where as 90% of entrepreneurs fail. Holy crap! It’s almost enough to make you wanna power off your laptop and go inquire about opening up your own popular location, right?! And why are the statistics so INSANELY different?? I want to touch on the for a second, but more IMPORTANTLY touch on how you can have the best of both worlds in a more realistic way….but first,…

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How to INSTANTLY Grab Prospects Attention on Social Media (and stop having your posts ignored)

You join a business, and you’re EXCITED! This is going to change your family’s financial direction, give you time freedom, and life will be amazing! This is a common dream when people first sign up and say, “yes”. I mean, really, nobody EVER joins while thinking, “Eh. I’m cool with just doing so-so at this. We’ll see what happens.” So what happens? That new person SO OFTEN starts posting messages on social media. Posts about this exciting opportunity or posts…

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When You’re Sick Of Being Broke

Yesterday, I had a bit of a moment. Truly, it was a moment of extreme gratitude because we nearing the end of the month – and I realize my finances AREN’T strapped. I have plenty left. This has happened for the last few months, now, and it still takes me aback if I’m honest…so let me explain what struck me… Before hooking up with the company I’m with now, I was beyond broke (ya’ll know this if you’ve followed many…

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How to Use Facebook Groups to Explode Your Business

Good morning! I wanted to keep up with sharing tips and tricks I learned from my conference in Vegas, so today’s strategy comes straight from the amazing John and Nadya Melton! If you haven’t heard of them before, then you’re missing out!! They are high energy, bada$$ rockstars (and Nadya is HILARIOUS on stage!). They use a specific strategy of utilizing Facebook groups to grow and explode their business. Now…the Melton’s have achieved the status of multiple 6 figure earners…

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If You Want to Start Having People Flock to You…

What a ridiculously embarrassing moment in Vegas reminded me this weekend! Some of y’all may be aware if you follow my blogs or Facebook lives, but this last weekend I went to Vegas for an AMAAAAAAZING world class marketing conference (seriously…there were roughly 20 different countries represented at this thing!). I want to share as much as I POSSIBLE can with y’all…so make sure to plug into my Facebook page and get notifications for the Live videos, and follow the…

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1 Thing Differentiates You from 7 Figure Earners

Ya’ll – it has been a wild weekend! One that I want to share as MUCH with you from as possible!!! I just got back (maybe an hour ago??) from a crazy weekend in Vegas!! There was a world class marketing conference there (No Excuses Summit 8) and I spent the most amazing few days listening to the TOP leaders in our industry giving their best tips and tricks – as well as meeting SO MANY amazing people from all…

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Are You Too Busy to Succeed?

Busy people. To be honest, they’re kind of my pet peeve. They are doomed in the business’ they attempt to start, and they won’t particularly help grow yours, either. Now, before you jump down my throat – let me explain a little bit. We are ALL busy (well, most of us). Believe it or not – having primary custody of my 3 sons by myself, homeschooling them, and working in my family’s music shop several days a week doesn’t allow…

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Your Comfort Zone WILL Kill Your Business

The success of a business from home hinges on several things. None of them too complex, but each just as important: persistence, regular action, continuous learning and application of what’s learned, and the willingness to step outside your comfort zone. The last one is what I wanted to look into today. The willingness to step outside of your comfort zone. This is an EXTREMELY important piece of the puzzle from the very first time you say “yes” to trying to…

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Prospecting and Recruiting – A Long Slow Death….

Yes. Persistence Absolutely IS key to succeeding in your home business, but….. What happens when you’ve BEEN persistent and you’re still struggling? When you’ve BEEN following suggestions, when you’ve GIVEN something a lot of time…what then?! Yesterday, I was messaging with a friend going through this very thing. It was actually a 3 way message conversation between the frustrated friend, me and another friend of ours. Here’s the deal – all 3 of us used to work in the same…

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I’ve been friends with Rebecca for years but to work with her has offered me a whole new set of reasons to adore and respect her. She is so driven. Craves constant learning and perfecting her craft. I’ve never worked with someone so dedicated to her team’s success as well as her own. It has become my absolute pleasure watching her growth and success unveil!

I’ve known Rebecca since high school and recently reconnected with her as a business partner. She is committed to success and willing to make sure her business partners have the support they need. She responds to questions quickly and always has great insights. Her commitment to success in the networking field is reassuring. Rebecca is definitely a person you want for your business! Trustworthy, friendly, and intelligent. You couldn’t ask for a better business partner.

I’ve known Rebecca for a short time as we are business partners in a direct sales company. However, it was clear to me right away that Rebecca is an energetic, enthusiastic, hardworking mother of three active boys who is looking to Create Change and search for opportunities to enhance her life! Rebecca has found her passion in network marketing. She has immersed herself in a multitude of training opportunities and literature to learn as much as she can in this area. Rebecca would be a great asset to your organization a she demonstrates drive, work ethic, integrity and enthusiasm which are necessary for success



As intuitive as she is professional, Rebecca Reed is responsive, intelligent, and personable. She makes herself readily available and has a keen understanding of how to navigate the ever-changing marketplaces of social media and other digital platforms. It’s been a pleasure watching her business grow!