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Stop Telling Yourself This NOW

Have you ever noticed that a lot of people seem to reach this phase as they age – where, it’s not that they’re seeking to be rude or mean – but they get tired of B.S. and just start being more willing to say it like it is? No more tip toeing around. They have a tendency to speak their mind with less fear of judgement and ruffling feathers. Y’all I’m “only” 34, but I feel like that’s where I’m…

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Stop Working So Damn Hard – Your Home Business Made Easier

Ahhhhhhh – working from home. Time freedom. Financial freedom. Lounging on a beach sipping lemonade. Nothing but glorious imagery in mind! Of course, never mind the fact that – with 3 young boys – that last image is absolutely preposterous. I mean….amusingly so. Really. I LOVE trips to the beach – but lounging?! More like counting heads constantly (1-2-3…cool. They’re all alive. 1-2-3. Ok. 1-2-3….and repeat for 3 hrs until we leave), attempting to wipe sand off a slightly mushy…

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You CAN Grow Your Business Without Annoying People

Goooood morning!! I shot a live video today (that I’ll stick in here in case you didn’t see it) that briefly talked about how to grow your business without annoying the hell out of everybody. Here’s the deal: if you’re still trying to grow your business by adding connections on facebook (or other social media) daily, and then messaging those connections with the hope of recruiting them – then you’re annoying people. If you’re still going through your whole friends…

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Get Over THIS Fear, And Start Making Money

Good morning! Hope you had an AWESOME weekend!!! Let me ask you something. Are you doing facebook lives? If not…why? Pretty universally, the answer is fear based. And what’s ACTUALLY behind that fear? Is you’re worried about looking stupid. About not knowing what you’re talking about. About people judging you. It boils down to being scared. I put off doing lives for a LONG time after they’d become a “thing” on Facebook. After all…my kids would interrupt me. I rarely…

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Talking to More People Won’t Help You

I know I know. The more people we get our message in front of, the more people we can potentially bring onto our team, right?!?! So this statement seems pretty counterintuitive and contrary to what we’re taught…..but hang with me for a minute! It is absolutely true that we want our message in front of as many eyes as possible – but there’s a caveat to this in order for it to be effective that WAAAAAY too many people miss!…

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The MOST Critical Strategy to Achieve Success From Home

Today starts the beginning of a new journey! I shared a couple of weeks ago that I’ve recently been able to walk away from my job outside the home – and to stay home full time working my home business. PART of that new journey also includes having been taken on as a new private marketing coach within a global coaching agency!! Today is my first day working with clients, and I have SEVEN clients booked for today! It will…

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1 Critical Step Towards Creating Endless Possibilities For Yourself

What a week!!! If you’ve seen my videos this week, you know that I was out of town for about a week (left last Thursday and got in yesterday) from a trip to Texas! There was a life changing conference there (The Landmark Forum) that I can’t wait to start sharing with you! This wasn’t a business conference. This wasn’t a personal development conference. This was a thought altering conference. It basically took everything we THOUGHT we knew, and turned…

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Bein’ Stuck in Business Sucks – So Don’t Be.

Ohhhhh man! So, I haven’t gotten on here and written a blog post since early last week – which is unlike me! In case any of y’all missed me, let me explain what’s been up (yep. It’s business related!). I have been been at a conference since last week – actually flew 800 miles to Texas (from VA) to attend! It’s not quite over, but we have some down time today before returning to finish it out. To say it’s…

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Most People Prospect ALL WRONG – Do You?

Good morning!! So…I guess you can say today is technically my first day of retirement! Yesterday, I worked my last day in the family’s music store so that I can work from home solely and focus on my home biz and kids. It’s been a hell of a ride!! I have to admit, though, I think making a decision like that…to walk away from a steady paycheck….can be scary for ANYONE – but for me? As y’all know….I’m a single…

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Foodstamps to Freedom in Less than 6 Months

Gooooood morning! I have been awake ENTIRELY too long today. Was awakened at 2 a.m. by my youngest son’s announcement of needing to go potty, and just never got back to sleep. Good up around 4 and figured I may as well be productive! My mind is spinning right now, because this is a MASSIVE time for me. For 4 years I’ve been a single mom. For 4 years I’ve worked outside the home scrambling to support us (and still…

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I’ve been friends with Rebecca for years but to work with her has offered me a whole new set of reasons to adore and respect her. She is so driven. Craves constant learning and perfecting her craft. I’ve never worked with someone so dedicated to her team’s success as well as her own. It has become my absolute pleasure watching her growth and success unveil!

I’ve known Rebecca since high school and recently reconnected with her as a business partner. She is committed to success and willing to make sure her business partners have the support they need. She responds to questions quickly and always has great insights. Her commitment to success in the networking field is reassuring. Rebecca is definitely a person you want for your business! Trustworthy, friendly, and intelligent. You couldn’t ask for a better business partner.

I’ve known Rebecca for a short time as we are business partners in a direct sales company. However, it was clear to me right away that Rebecca is an energetic, enthusiastic, hardworking mother of three active boys who is looking to Create Change and search for opportunities to enhance her life! Rebecca has found her passion in network marketing. She has immersed herself in a multitude of training opportunities and literature to learn as much as she can in this area. Rebecca would be a great asset to your organization a she demonstrates drive, work ethic, integrity and enthusiasm which are necessary for success



As intuitive as she is professional, Rebecca Reed is responsive, intelligent, and personable. She makes herself readily available and has a keen understanding of how to navigate the ever-changing marketplaces of social media and other digital platforms. It’s been a pleasure watching her business grow!